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It is a new age, and just about everything has been made easier, including finding your soul mate! That may sound a bit corny, but you know deep down that it’s one big reason you are here. Online dating is slowly taking the domain when it comes to starting relationships. Not everyone finds it charming, but a significant percentage do agree that it is an exciting and fulfilling experience. I know I did, and that is all thanks to VictoriaHearts. I’ve already experienced the vast opportunities presented by the dating platform. So I have decided to share words of encouragement to people like me out there. Read this review if you are still actively contemplating how to finally get ahold of the love of your life.

About / What is

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VictoriaHearts is an online dating site. It’s carefully designed with numerous options that would enable you to get just the perfect partner you desire. It lets you check out user profiles, which usually contains a lot of details that would help you find the qualities you’re looking for in your prospective partner. Funny enough, it is a paid website, one factor that has always dissuaded me when it comes to online dating platforms. I would always go the easy way of tapping on the free sites.

After about a year of bleak meetups, I finally decided to try a premium site and believe me, that was the best choice I could have ever made! You’d agree that only individuals looking for a serious relationship would drop cash on a dating platform, don’t you think?? From my research, I found Victoria Hearts to be just the right thing for what I was looking for: an ever-growing dating site very secure and that would have enough members to give me that sense of having a wide variety of options.

Easy to use

Simplicity, they say, is the ultimate sophistication. VictoriaHearts spells that out with its easy to use functions and well-organized site layout. Unlike some premium sites would do, VictoriaHearts lets everyone, of the appropriate age, sign up for the service. This way, you get a glimpse of what the platform has to offer which you’d agree is way better than word of mouth. There are ready-to-use functions which direct you as you progress to signing up for the service. Now all you have to do is tap away in the confines of your home.

Sign up / registration

victoriahearts registration

Before you start your search checking other people’s profile on VictoriaHearts, you will need to sign up. One fantastic thing about the platform is that there are no pricey limitations when it comes to who gets to register! Anyone of the appropriate age, which is 18, is allowed to sign up. Once you take this step, you are allowed to check other people’s profiles all without a dime. Just two easy steps and you are well on your way to finding true love!

To become a certified member of the site, you need to:

  • Create an account
  • Complete questionnaires
  • Buy a subscription.

Creating An Account

It takes just a few minutes, and all you need is good internet access. You have to enter a few details about yourself: your first name, birthday, email address, and a site password.

Then security kicks in and your profile is reviewed. The process, however, takes a short and almost unnoticeable time, especially if you have an excellent internet connection. Afterward, you are required to confirm your email address by clicking a confirmation button the site automatically sends into your email. Confirming your address lets other members see your profile on the site and if they so wish, send you messages.

You should note that the login information you set is always kept private and away from prying eyes. Other members can send you messages on the platform itself. However, they will not be able to see your email address on your profile.

The site also never asks you to give up private details like your last name, phone number, or real address. You won’t be asked such info until things get a bit more serious and you want to take things off of the online platform. All these security measures mainly made me feel safe, starting as I was well aware of the dangers of online dating.

Completing Questionnaires

victoriahearts questionare

Following the creation of your new account, you are required to fill out two questionnaires. They are aimed at framing your preferences and relationship goals.

The first form demands that you share some information about your taste in women. The questions range from age to the preferable body type you favor in a woman. It also includes essential questions like: Does she want children?  Should she drink sparingly or more frequently?

Questionnaire About Your Partner

There are thousands of members on Victoria Hearts and gathering information this way helps shape up your prospects while maneuvering your way about the platform. The survey also helps to determine your desired goals when it comes to dating, be it just a casual relationship or finding a life partner. It is a fantastic concept having things structured this way, but if you are the free flow type and don’t want to be limited to just your most favorable choices, the site allows you to skip some of the questions. You should answer every question carefully, noting that your answers will help the system set criteria for future matches.

Questionnaire About You

The second questionnaire is all about you. Keep in mind that women would be more encouraged to text you first if you provide honest answers to information you’re asked to share in the form. The form demands information like your occupation, resident country, religion, marital status, education, physical features, and so many more. I found it less stressing when I discovered that there is the added advantage of fluidity maintained on my Victoria Date profile as I am allowed to change any of my answers at any chosen time.

After filling the second questionnaire, you should remember to upload your profile picture, which is rather crucial as it gives you more chances to get yourself some well-deserved attention on the platform.

Search + Profile Quality

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Having gone through the tasks aforementioned, you’d know just how qualitative member profiles on Victoria Hearts are. The platform aims at making finding the perfect partner as easy as possible. Issues like a disconcerting difference in social beliefs, ethnicity, or lifestyle behaviors usually plague relationships. However, choosing a partner with all of these already clearly stated makes things a lot easier for both parties. The variety of questions asked in the questionnaires are carefully planned to subtly help you lay all of your cards out for interested persons thus, making your search way more straightforward than you could have imagined it would ever be.

Safety / Legal / Scam

An important thing to consider when choosing a dating site is the issue of safety, and Victoria Hearts puts down a lot of measures that left me feeling protected. For example, Victoria Hearts appropriately reviews every person setting up a profile before they are allowed access to the site. The review doesn’t take too long and is a measure you’d agree is quite necessary to ensure the safety of every user. Some premium dating sites also do this, but unlike Victoria Hearts, they may force you to make a paid subscription before you start your search. You have to agree that even that holds a degree of suspicion.

The personal and financial information of every Victoria Hearts member remain confidential and well protected by the site administration which uses the newest 128-bit SSL encryption technology so that nobody can save your photos, videos, or bank account details. Asides this, the dating site also does all it can to dissuade swindlers placing a permanent ban on any member who tries to bait other members for money or violate different set rules.

In rare cases where a member scams another, the site makes sure you get all the credit points spent on the unpleasant interaction back to your account. These numerous measures all enable the set objectives of the site to ensure a “safe” environment for online dating.

Cost / Prices and plans

I mentioned earlier that being a newbie on Victoria Hearts comes with a lot of freebies like becoming a member and viewing the profiles of prospective members. However, the final step to becoming a certified member is buying a subscription.

Doing this enables you to view your statistics and fully interact with other members by exchanging messages. The initial subscription fee costs $9.99, and it will award you 20 units of the site’s currency called credits. The credits are necessary to sustain communication with the other members. Chatting for a minute costs two credits, and that means your 20 units purchase will only last for 10 minutes.

There are various subscription plans laid out to suit your pocket perfectly.


  • A user-friendly dating site
  • Safety when looking for love online
  • A fast-growing community
  • A friendly support team ever attentive to your needs


  • Pricey


victoriahearts faces

A large fraction of people finds meeting your love interest in person the perfect way to find love. I belong to the growing percentage that argues that online dating is time efficient and just the ideal way to get the right person! Joining Victoria Hearts is a step in the right direction to finding yourself a woman with the same interests as you while also ensuring you stay secured.

If you are especially open to finding a woman from anywhere in the world, then this platform is for you. With the ever-growing numbers of members, you may even find a woman situated close to you!