With the passage of time and more technological advancements, man continues to make things easy and convenient for himself. From transportation to commerce, and even to finding love, there are fewer hassles and less stress. Everyone has that dream of meeting the right partner. There’s that one person that fits with your personality. Everyone wants to find the “yin” to his “yan.” However, very few people have been successful in this regard. For some, it may be that they find it hard to connect with someone of their interest. Others may be limited by barriers such as distance, time, communication, etc. For a few others, it may just be that they haven’t found the right partner yet. If you fall into the category of “searching for” but not yet “successful” in your quest to find a soul mate, then is for you.

WHAT IS VALENTIME.COM? is a dating website designed for men and women from all parts of the world. For those interested in building stable and mature relationships from the comfort of their homes. The platform understands that not everyone has the opportunity to find their dream partner due to certain restrictions. So the site has thus gone a step further to remove those restrictions. Thereby helping people who never knew about each other connect with themselves and end up together as one. has years of experience. In that time duration has contributed to many relationships, marriages, and families through members who met on the platform. The website grows daily as new members, singles, join up every day. So there is every chance you will be the next to find your soul mate.

EASE OF USE OF THE WEBSITE provides an excellent user experience. It’s set up in such a way that the user finds everything he is looking for without issues. The website’s homepage has a form for new members to feel so that they can join for free. The form contains details such as the gender of the partner you seek, your name, email, date of birth and password. After filling all of these details, you then join the community and find your partner in no time. Old members only need to log in with their username and password to access their profile. The homepage also has images of some of its active users, showing their names and ages.

As you scroll down, you get to find out more about the site. Also many of the benefits you will derive by joining. If you need more information about the website, its regulations, safety measures, guidelines or just want to learn more dating tips; you only need to click on one of the tabs at the foot of the homepage to find more. Whatever it is that you seek, is a click away, you do not have to be a tech guru to navigate around the site.


Signing up to the site is very easy. As earlier said in the previous section, you fill a form with details containing who you are interested in, your name, email, date of birth and password. Check the “agree to terms of use” and other policies box and then log in. After logging in, you get to edit your profile as you please and then you are all set.


Over the years, there has been a proliferation of online dating sites and having to choose the best one for your matchmaking needs could become challenging. Another issue is that most dating sites present do not protect the safety of their members and offer few features. With, the site all the time fight with scams and does not tolerate any fakes.

Useful Features

  • The presence of photo and video profiles that enable users to upload their profile pictures or videos on their profile to make it more interesting.
  • Presence of an Instant chat feature that aids members to reach out to and chat with whoever they are interested in with just one click. Apart from the instant chat feature, there is also a mail feature that allows members to send messages to their love interests, including pictures, even when the other person is offline.
  • The members on the platform also can validate their profile when they click on the link on their welcome email. By doing this, users increase the trust in them and also ensure that they are indeed genuine. There is also the added advantage of receiving offers from on a regular basis once you verify your profile.
  • The winks feature is another excellent feature that is used to indicate one’s interest in a potential partner. This feature is free, hence when you see a profile you would love to connect with, all you need to do is to wink.
  • The stickers feature one way by which users can spice up their conversation and express themselves much better.
  • The flowers and presents feature is present for anyone who wants to go a notch higher and show just how much they want the other person. With this feature, you can send flowers, gifts, chocolate gift cards, etc. to your love interest.
  • The “Arrange a Date” feature helps members to plan a date on the website, and such date happens after both parties confirm it. The feature costs 625 credit, but if one party declines the date, the credits are fully refunded.


With, searching for a potential partner is easy and convenient. The website uses an algorithm to help filter through thousands of profiles and comes up with a resulting list that contains only profiles that apply to your preferences. The search also allows you to perform a detailed search based on country, age, city, education, etc. This way, there is a higher chance of you finding someone with your desired qualities.

The quality of profiles on the website is very high as you view the necessary information of the potential partner. The website also helps you to navigate after your search is completed by bringing up a quality list that has the potential partners that meet your requirements. You can shorten your list further and proceed to connect with prospects that show promise.


Most actions performed on are free, such as registration, searching, and viewing of profiles. Charges are however incurred when you decide to connect with a love interest. To do this and have access to many of the amazing features on the site, you would have to purchase credits. A 50 credits package can be purchased for just $19.99.

The charges for features is hereby broken down:

  • Chatting- Costs 2 credits per minute
  • Letter- 10 credits for the first letter and 30 credits for subsequent letters
  • Video- 25 credits to view a video
  • Meet with a date- 625 credits


The pros of using clearly outweigh the cons.


Valentime connects potential soulmates miles apart to each other without them moving an inch. The services provided are of the highest quality, and Valentime keeps improving on its service delivery, hence attracting many more users to its ever-growing platform.

The platform is highly secured and goes a step further to protect the personal and financial details of all members.

The customer care is always available to attend to any issues faced by customers.

You don’t need to waste time sieving through thousands of profiles to find your perfect match as the search feature and algorithm of the website helps you narrow your search to your preferences.

The website has a high number of registered and verified users, so there is a very high chance that your wife is just a click away.


Though very few, here are the cons of the website:

Services such as chat, video and meet a date are paid, and hence users without money would have their hands tied.

Most women on the database are of Ukrainian and Slavic origin.


Valentime is a dream come true for many of its users and would-be users. It has been responsible for the marriages of many couples. Many have found love on this site and experienced amazing relationships that they never knew would be possible. This is a welcome development in a world where online dating platforms are fast losing their trust due to spams and other irregularities. Valentime holds its head high as a site where users are always assured of their safety at all times and have nothing to worry about, other than ensuring their love interest gets caught by Cupid’s arrow.