Moldova Women Dating

Lately, international dating has become really popular. Single people find it more and more interesting to travel and date foreigners. Why is it so? The fact that two people have different upbringing, traditions, culture, and even mentality makes them seem more attractive to each other. Psychologists say that differences attract so it’s absolutely normal that you are interested in dating a woman from abroad.

Lately, a lot of Westerners became interested in women from Moldova. They are as beautiful, sexy and charming as Ukrainian and Russian ladies. However, it seems much easier to find a bride in Moldova than a woman in Ukraine or Russia. Last two countries have been “finding a bride” destinations for quite a long time. Therefore, a really big number of men go there to meet single women. The competition for a Russian or Ukrainian woman is tremendous and you may get disappointed because finding a woman from these two countries can be difficult and time-consuming.

In Moldova, there are not so many mail order bride agencies. Therefore, there is not such a big demand for a Moldova woman yet. Moldova can become a great destination for you if you are dreaming of meeting a good-looking woman for a serious relationship and marriage. Moldova girls are extremely charming, sexy, polite and smart. They are nice from the outside and they have beautiful souls. Like Russians and Ukrainians, they make perfect brides but it’s so much easier to find a bride here.

Family-Centered and Loyal Moldova Brides

Moldova Brides

Every girl in Moldova dreams of meeting a wonderful man who would love her, support her and make her dreams come true. Women from this country like from all Post Soviet Countries value family a lot and remain very traditional. Local women are loving and caring for their families. The family will always be in the first place for a woman from Moldova. They are traditional and follow a Christian religion, which makes them devoted, loyal, honest and dedicated to people who they love.

A lot of men think that physical attraction can’t be combined with inner beauty. Once you start meeting women of Moldova, you are going to explore how kind, warm and welcoming they are. They combine an attractive look and a lovely personality. Girls from Eastern Europe are very smart and intelligent. They spend many years to get higher education and take decent positions at work. Such a combination of a great look, kind soul and intelligence makes local girls some of the best life partners for single Westerners.

Moldova wives have a reputation for being loyal and devoted to their partners. Is it a myth? No! Women from Eastern Europe, in general, have a reputation of the best wives. Even Asian girls are not considered as loyal and devoted as girls from Poland, Slovakia, Ukraine, and Moldova. Being dedicated to men is one of the priorities for local girls. Moldovan women are not looking for fun, excitement, and entertainment with different men. Their goal is to find men who they would feel comfortable, secure, protected, and happy with. They are not seeking dating with different men but true love.

Tips on Dating Girls from Moldova

moldova women dating

If online dating isn’t enough for you and you want to explore the country yourself and meet local women in real life, then you should know some important information before your departure:

It’s Super Cheap

If you are a guy from the USA, UK or Central Europe, then you are going to find that even the capital city of Moldova, which is called Chisinau is incredibly cheap. If you are interested in history and Soviet Union style buildings don’t scare you, then you are going to love your trip. It doesn’t take much to impress local girls. Like in most countries of Eastern Europe, women like men who look nice. You will meet many more girls if you wear nice clothes. It may sound weird and a little bit old-fashioned but it does work. So, if you want to meet many girls and make a good impression, take care of your look.

Be Generous

The second thing that comes after looking good is to be generous. It doesn’t mean that you have to take a Moldovan woman who you’ve just met to the best restaurants, buy her clothes and give her money but at least don’t even think of splitting the bill. In Moldova, women expect men to pay. The same situation is in Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus. Local women are not searching for wealthy foreigners to get married for wealth. They look for generous, reliable and kind men who would treat them nicely and take care of their need.

Don’t Try to Date a Few Girls at a Time

A lot of Westerners make the same mistake again and again. They come to a country, meet different girls and go to the same restaurants or bars. For example, Chisinau, the capital of Moldova is not really big and if you decide to meet one girl after another in pretty the same area, you will have a bad reputation. Don’t try to meet and date different girls at the same time. If you are coming for having fun it’s okay but if you have a date with one woman and it goes well and then you decide to meet another woman at the same place, you risk to gain a bad reputation since a lot of people in the city know each other and they can spread information really fast.

Best Dating Sites to Meet Single Women of Moldova

We told you quite a lot about girls from Moldova and gave you tips on dating them, so this is the right time to share the names of the best dating sites for you to join and meet beautiful Moldova brides online.


These are the affordable, safe and effective dating sites that will offer you to view a huge number of girls from Chisinau and other cities of Moldova. Register for free and start browsing through single girls’ profiles. You are going to enjoy online dating 100%. It’s so much easier than traveling and meeting women in countries where you have never been to before. Moldova has its own traditions and unique culture, so it would be more successful if you meet local girls online and learn about them. You will like a lot of things about girls from Moldova but there can be differences. Meet those charming ladies online and learn about them before you meet them in real life.