Are Russian Mail Order Brides Real?

Many men may have heard stories about Russian brides and wondered if they were real. The truth is, yes, there really are Russian brides who come from Russia – though not all of them actually live in Russia or even come from the same area in Russia. Any person in Russia seeking marriage can advertise themselves as a “Russian bride,” but that does not always mean they are located or even interested in meeting up with potential suitors from abroad.

are russian mail order brides real

What Do We Know About A Typical Russian Wife?

It’s important to make sure that whatever information you receive is accurate when it comes to mail-order brides. Many people tend to think of these ladies as simply being after money and wanting to find an easy way out of poverty-stricken circumstances. However, it is simply not true; many Russian women who seek out foreign partners do so because they genuinely believe they have found someone special who can bring genuine happiness into their lives and help them form loving relationships. These women are often highly educated and career-minded with strong family values; they just want to find someone with whom they can share their life together and build a lasting relationship. Furthermore, many girls will use online dating sites, such as international dating sites, to facilitate communication between eligible foreign men seeking marriageable single Russian ladies.

Have Fun While Courting Your Girlfriend!

It’s also important to note that while these ladies may seek exclusively a serious commitment upon meeting somebody initially, there is nothing wrong with flirting during the process! It’s all about getting to know each other through communication before jumping into something serious without fully understanding it – so don’t forget having fun during the early stages of courtship is perfectly normal too!

Safety First When Meeting A Real Date

However, given the situation wherein two people might eventually meet up face-to-face, safety should never be taken lightly either – no matter who you’re talking to on an online dating site! You should get acquainted with any potential date using discretion, such as verifying her identity before proceeding further. Keep in mind making sure whatever contact details you share remain private until both parties have been verified by each other – it will help keep both parties safe whilst looking for real dates!

russian mail order brides

Resources Available To Help You Find Your Girl

Lastly, look into resources available online specifically dedicated to helping you land yourself a beautiful lady from Russia as your next girl! Often times these resources provide tips on everything from finding girls best suited for your interests (from language classes to scenic spots around town) to flirting advice specifically tailored towards impressing any lady of your dreams!


In conclusion, although finding your perfect match may take some time, understanding what’s real vs. false when it comes to mail order brides will help ensure successful outcomes when searching for true love with your ideal Russian wife!